Armor Up! Battling Cold & Flu Season

Armor Up! Battling Cold & Flu Season


We are already entering this years’ cold and flu season. I don’t know about you, but I’m already hearing of people who are getting sick and it’s only October!

This is no secret – we are all WAY too busy to get sick! We don’t want to miss out on time spent with friends and family and we don’t want to use our PTO time at work to sit at home sick!

I’d love to have you join us for this 90 minute presentation to learn more about:

  • Why we tend to get sick more often during the colder months
  • How we put stress on our Immune System that can hamper our ability to fight off colds and flu
  • Learn about more than 15 common and not-so-common ways that we can prevent illness
  • Discover natural methods to relieve symptoms and get better faster!

In this presentation, you won’t hear the common suggestions (like washing our hands, covering our mouths when we cough, and others). You hear that advice everywhere!

During this presentation I’ve put together more than 15 proven habits that many people do not associate with immune system health and I look forward to sharing those with you! We will talk about very practical ways that we can incorporate these habits into our daily lives so that we are better able to prevent illness!

I’ve also put together a list of home remedies that really do work if you do catch a sniffle or two!

You’ll leave this presentation with:

  • Additional knowledge and information on how to boost your immune system
  • An interactive presentation that will get you engaged in the information
  • Plus THREE take-home resources that you can utilize in your daily lives to both prevent getting sick and also recover faster if you do end up catching a bug.

If you have any questions before committing to join us, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! I’d be happy to talk to you!