Lindsay Hoke

Lindsay Hoke

Certified Health Coach

Over the years, I have been drawn to the healthcare industry in a variety of ways. My first career was in the office of a growing Physical Therapy company, which provided me the opportunity to interact with a variety of patients and hear their stories. Seeking a need to provide more hands-on support, I ended up working part time as an EMT with the goal of helping people in the community.

Even after changing careers, I still continued to seek out more and more information on health and wellness, continually making small changes for myself and my family to improve our lifestyles and reduce our exposure to harmful ingredients, chemicals, and toxins in our daily lives. These major changes that we have made to our lifestyle all started with a small new habit here and there which add up to big results. I can speak firsthand to the differences in how we feel and the benefits we have seen from these simple lifestyle changes.

Along the way, I have also unfortunately witnessed the negative effects that serious health challenges have had on both close friends and family members. I am sad to say that some are not here today to talk more about that.

Those personal and professional experiences caused me to dig deeper – looking further into data, research and options out there for possible treatments and solutions. More importantly, I wanted to know more about prevention. How could I prevent major health challenges for me and those I love?

This natural interest in the topic and personal experiences (both positive and negative), combined with my professional passion to coach and support others to succeed in their goals, is why I have taken the steps to become a Certified Health Coach.


Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

Through numerous conversations, I’ve learned that many people have questions about how to live a healthier life. And so many want to start making small changes! But they don’t know where to begin.

While I am certified to work with all adults, I do have a particular interest in those who are currently working and trying to balance their personal lives with their professional lives. I’ve been there! After my experience in the healthcare industry, I climbed the proverbial ‘corporate ladder’ and felt the extreme pressure of attempting to balance both worlds.

My goal is to be a resource to help others as they work to identify small, healthy changes – so they too can experience the overall health benefits that come with those and enjoy all that life has to offer us!

She works with you to understand your problems and to help you achieve your goals.